WATCH: Bride arrives to wedding in police car

Most brides turn up to their big day in a fancy car and or even a horse and carriage – but a bride in Wales went to her big event in a police car after getting stuck in traffic.

According to Mail Online, Katie Davies, 24 arrived at her wedding at Neath Register Office accompanied by a police officer.


She had originally taken the traditional method of transport to her wedding, with some of her family between two cars, and left plenty of time, in case of traffic – but got stuck on the M4 after a serious crash.

She was marrying her fiance Ryan Thomas, 24, but as the time got nearer to their wedding ceremony, at 3pm, the queues on the motorway increased.

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In a desperate attempt to make sure her daughter got to her big day her mother sought help from the grooms brother and best man Cian – who tracked down a police officer.

Cian, who said his brother was starting to panic, knew exactly what to do and sought help at their local police station in Neath.

Feeling sorry for the bride a police officer blue lighted it to rescue Katie – who was now standing on the hard shoulder.

Katie told Wales online: “I left my house at 2.15pm to allow for traffic and when we joined the M4 it was moving slowly. We were at a standstill, and that’s when Cian went out to get help.”


“When the police arrived I had to cross two lanes to get to the hard shoulder. People were all out of their cars taking videos and photographs and cheering and offering congratulations.”


The video of Katie shows the police car, with blue lights arriving at the registry office – with the bride sitting in the front seat – in her white gown, tiara and holding a bouquet.

Katie then thanks the police officer, who helps her out of the car, to cheers from the family – and the police officer then goes back to her job.

By the time they got to the registry office – at 4.20pm that had completely missed their ceremony slot – but thankfully they stayed open for them.

Katie said that, “I was so thankful that the police officers saved me at my time of need – they took me, my mum and my daughter, but sadly we had to leave my nephews and my granddad, who was going to walk me down the aisle – and they missed the whole thing.”

Cian said that it’s one wedding arrival and story he’ll “never forget” – while him and the rest of the family were thankful to the police for saving her.

Katie, who went on to successfully marry her fiance, said: “It was just a whirlwind. I will be forever grateful to the police officer Emma Thomas who helped me. She’s amazing. South Wales Police were fantastic.”

You can watch the video here

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