Jewellery, spoons and toothbrushes found in man’s stomach

In a rare medical case, surgeons removed tableware, jewellery and toothbrushes from the stomach of a mentally-challenged man in Cairo, capital city of Egypt.

According to Gulf News, the man, in his 20s, was brought to a government-run hospital in the province of Mansura, about 110 kilometres north of Cairo, after experiencing severe pain in his stomach.

“When his health deteriorated and he suffered from constant vomiting and severe pains in the stomach, his mother brought him to the hospital where checks showed the presence of strange objects inside his stomach,” said one of the surgeons at the Mansura University’s Digestive System Centre.

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“We rarely encounter such bizarre cases in medicine,” he added.

His mother was bemused after the forks, spoons and jewellery disappeared from the house in recent months but she never speculated that her son might have swallowed them.

The patient, who also suffers from brain atrophy, underwent an operation during which forks, spoons, a gold ring, a necklace, and seven toothbrushes were removed from his stomach.

The patient is now reported to be in stable condition.

The story originally appeared on Gulf News

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