WATCH: Man beaten up by two wives for trying to marry again

In a rare incident, a man was beaten by his two wives and their relatives after he attempts to marry for the third time in India.

According to India Today, 26-year-old Alias Dinesh worked as a pattern-maker at a private firm in Rasipalayam near Thennampalayam, Tamil Nadu. He married his first wife Priyadharshini in 2016 who went to her parent’s house after Dinesh allegedly abused her.

The accused married again to Anupriya, 23, through a matrimonial website. She was a divorcee with a two-year-old son. Soon after their marriage, Anupriya left his house too when Dinesh harassed her for more dowry.

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After his two failed marriages, Dinesh started to search for third wife on matrimonial websites. It was then when Priyadharshini and Anupriya realised about his intention and planned to meet him at his workplace.

The firm refused to send him out of the office premises, following which the two women staged a protest there. When Dinesh walked out of the company, his two wives rushed towards him and began thrashing him with sandals. Their relatives assaulted him too.

The video of the incident hit social media by storm after people shared it a million times.

Coimbatore – Man gets brutally beaten for searching a new bride by his 2 wives whom he hasn’t divorced yet!!

After whacking him, the women hand him over to the cops..

— Pramod Madhav (@madhavpramod1) September 11, 2019

The story originally appeared on India Today

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