#FridayThe13th comes eerily true on Twitter

Western thought as it is, September 13 has fallen on Friday this year and the internet is losing it. Many cultures are convinced that it is an unlucky date and a black cat brings ill-luck so does opening a black umbrella indoors especially if it is on #FridayThe13th.

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Some who think true of this concept also consider not buying apartments or booking rooms on the 13th floor. While many have also said that today will be a full moon which hasn’t happened since 2006 and will not happen on a Friday the 13th until the year 2049.

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Users took to Twitter to wish each other good luck and express their thoughts. As #FridayThe13th becomes a worldwide trend on Twitter, here are some of the interesting tweets

There will be a full moon this Friday, which also happens to be, Friday the 13th. The next full moon to land on #FridayThe13th won’t happen until 2049. pic.twitter.com/MJ1xXWvTzz

— NasirTajir (@NasirTajir) September 13, 2019

I got BALLOONS today‍♂️⛹️‍♂️

Say a prayer for me#FridayThe13th pic.twitter.com/DdPUte2Tag

— Baylord Chillian (@Herr_kugaba) September 13, 2019

Who else remembers this series of Ghostbusters figures? pic.twitter.com/cmoMlOgsIZ

getting ready for his big day #FridayThe13th pic.twitter.com/1dh9WODGQn

— MIKI the real slim ratty (@miki_the_creep) September 13, 2019

— Jacob Stack (@JacobStackArt) September 13, 2019

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