Rodrigo Duterte allows public to 'shoot' corrupt public officials

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday told Filipinos that they could “shoot but not kill” public officials who demand money in exchange for their services.

“The only thing that I am asking the Filipino people is really to be assertive… If you pay taxes, fees, clearances or whatever, and these fools ask for a bribe, slap them. If you have a gun, you can shoot them, but don’t kill because you might not be included among those given pardon or computation,” he was quoted as saying during a public address by Arab News.

“Just the foot, then it will only be serious physical injuries … You admit it, then you go to probation. You do not go inside the prison … You’ll just report to a probation officer,” Duterte said. “At least you got to shoot a foolish thief.”

The president vowed to defend any person who shoots a corrupt official.

“I will defend you. If the incident reaches my office, I will call for the complainant and tell him to slap (the official) three times …”

Rodrigo lamented that if corruption was not stopped it would become “a worm inside, in almost everybody in government — national and local.”

Duterte is known for his informal style and his speeches frequently feature profanity, threats and jokes about taboo subjects, which offend some Filipinos, but are taken lightly by many.

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