Kim Kardashian West 'got in trouble' from Kanye for letting daughter don makeup

Looks like there’s no more makeup for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 6-year old daughter!

Kim opened up about North West wearing beauty cosmetics and revealed that the youngster is no longer allowed to do so after her husband Kanye West got mad about it, reported InStyle.

“I think he had it, he changed all the rules,” Kim, 38, told E! News during her KKW x WINNIE makeup collaboration dinner in New York City.


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Fans of the Kardashian West family know that North is no stranger to makeup. The celebrity child has been featured on her mother’s social media accounts multiple times wearing lipstick or eyeshadow, and even wore a bold red lip to their annual Christmas Eve party last year.

“I’d let her wear — you know, she has a little red for Christmas — I’d let her wear a red lip, or I’d let her do one pop of something,” Kim explained during the interview. “I’d let her, if she’s wearing a black dress, a black lip.”

My Northie girl is the ultimate fashionista! She comes with me to fabric stores and picks out what she likes and for our Japan trip I let her style herself. I should have let her style me too lol. She loves it. She’s having fun and I am so happy she’s so expressive.

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“So, I kind of got in trouble for that,” the mother of four continued of her husband’s reaction. “So, it’s now no more makeup.”

Though North may not be able to play around with makeup, her mom reassured that she’s “absolutely” allowed to “weigh in” on fashion choices.

Prior to West stepping in, North had proven that she was quite the beauty icon in the making.

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Last year, Kim shared a series of videos to her Instagram Stories featuring North with a face full of makeup, including light foundation on her nose, dark eye shadow, bronzer, and a gray lip.

Night at the museum in Japan @teamlab_borderless

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The beauty mogul filmed her daughter using a brush and her hand to attempt to blend her look and captioned the clip Contour Queen, adding the crown emoji. Another clip shared by Kim showed North modeling a bright red lipstick.

Suspecting that she may have to fend off some mommy shamers, Kim also wrote over the video, “Relax Mom Shamers, it’s coming off in a few mins. I just needed a bribe to get out of the door … you feel me?!?!?!”

But it didn’t end there. Kim documented North and her niece Dream Kardashian working together to contour her face with the newest KKW Beauty Glam Bible makeup kit.

Love bugs

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North’s stylish moments don’t just apply to beauty. Kim’s eldest child has also proven she’s quite fashionable, from wearing giant hoop earrings to a fake nose ring, to landing her first solo magazine cover as well as her runway debut.

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