Torkham border being made functional round-the-clock

ISLAMABAD: The authorities at National Logistic Cell (NLC) have completed arrangements to carry out round-the-clock operations at Torkham border terminal.

The terminal would be made operational with the support of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government and would be functional after its formal launch next week in a festive ceremony at Torkham.

The event would be attended by senior government officials from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

According to details, the day and night service at Torkham border would bring great advantage to the war-torn Afghanistan.

In addition to cutting down its dependence on ports of other countries, the development would also help Afghanistan to ease up its imports, exports and boost its trade.

NLC has made added arrangements for customs, National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in order to facilitate their work and perform duties in connection with trade and passenger commutation across the border.

NLC has also arranged for screening and surveillance of cargo and containers to be moved from the border terminal.

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Consequently, the terminal has become a key component of overall border management system of Pakistan, with proper arrangements to combat smuggling of goods.

The establishment of terminal will also facilitate coordination among the government institutions due to which authorities will be able to keep a proper record of cargo and passengers travelling between the two countries.

Sources said that the terminal is expectedly to increase trade activities in the region and added that the locals of Khoga Khel Shinwari tribe were being given adequate compensation from the revenue generated from the terminal.

The tribe is also being paid large sums every year for the leasehold rights of land on which the terminal is being built.

NLC has also started civil works for extension of border terminal and increase in its facilities.

According to sources, NLC is building the terminal in line with the international standards as per its integrated transit management system.

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