Rishta aunties might want to seek Danish Ali's advice

Renowned Facebook and YouTube comedian, Danish Ali, mocked the cultural trend of rishta schemes in Pakistan in his latest video, Rishtay ka Soda. Starring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan, the hilarious video also progresses to promote Heer Maan Ja in a satirical manner.

It takes off with a bunch of men on a handcart with the comedian offering them for marriage. Hareem pops up in a balcony with her mother as they begin inquiring the worth of each man depending on his occupation, background and livelihood.

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The fact that it commences with showing the woman in power, as she gets to decide whom she wants to marry amidst a group of men on display, flips the societal norms and reflects an empowering image.

However, the end of the video takes a realistic turn as it winds up in favour of a murderous but rich man, who the mother forcefully decides to give her daughter away to, simply because of his status.

The comedian’s satirical depiction highlights the worth of each individual, according to the stereotypes attached with his profession. Where a doctor is offered for Rs4 million, while an ‘imported’ businessman and green card holder’s worth is Rs6 million.

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It also showcases artists that are being sold in discounted rates, regardless of which they are rejected and then offered free of charge. While the engineers are not even up for sale as they only show up for a Mehendi dance to support their friend’s exchange.

It then begins to discriminate the middle-class banker as it moves onto making the chartered accountant in demand, simply because his mother has passed away. Aside from occupational discrimination, it also shows how the girl’s family is made to spend their entire life savings and even take up unwarranted financial loans to accommodate the wedding.

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