Will Robert Downey Jr return as Iron Man in Black Widow?

Robert Downey Jr. is reported to return as Tony Stark/Iron Man for Black Widow, according to Deadline,  Releasing on May 2020, the movie will revolve around the events between Captian America: Civil War and Avengers Infinity War, making it a prequel, instead of a sequel to Endgame.

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Rumours were rife that multiple cameos and appearances are expected in Black Widow, but this is the first time Iron Man has explicitly been mentioned.

According to Screenrant, if Downey Jr is reprising his role in the film, his screen time is expected to be quite limited with him appearing only in a cameo. During Marvel Hall H panel at Comic-Con, there was footage of Civil War where Tony warns Natasha, saying “They’re coming for you,” is used in the film before it returns to its original rhetoric.

The footage also showed Natasha on the run, implying that Black Widow is expected to explore the period when Natasha is hiding from the US, in which case, she may need Tony’s assistance. Because Natasha and Tony are friends, if she were in trouble, he would try and help out, adding to the reasons why he could be a part of the film. Regardless of which, fans shouldn’t expect nothing more than a flashback.

Johansson feels the evolution of female characters in Marvel’s superhero movies has been ‘slow’ since she took the helm as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. PHOTO: FILE

Given that Black Widow is a prequel, exploring Natasha’s journey between the Civil War and Infinity War, it is also expected to develop her character even further. It can also incorporate scenes of her training in the Red Room, along with exploring her time with Tony Stark during Iron Man 2.

However, there is also a high possibility that Downey Jr. may not even need to be a part of the film’s shoot, suggested that his unused footage from previous movies could be used for this one.


Regardless of which, potentially reprising the role for Black Widow calls for an unceasing number of Iron Man fans to root for the film as well. Although it is possible Deadline accidentally exposed a secret to its readers, the truth still seems far fetched.

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