Pakistan to hold high-altitude marathon on Saturday

KARACHI: Athletes from 17 countries are set to run in a high-altitude marathon to be held in scenic Hunza valley near China border on Saturday.

The marathon — dubbed as the “highest ever altitude race” — will take place at the Karakoram Highway at the altitude of 15,000 feet (4,572 meters) above the sea-level, said a statement by Pakistan Air Force, which is the organiser of the event.

The marathon, which comprises of three categories — ultra-marathon (50 kilometers or 31 miles), marathon (42 kilometers or 26 miles), and mini-marathon (21 kilometers or 13 miles), will commence from Khunjarab Pass, which borders neighbouring China.

Foreign athletes, the statement said, had arrived at the picturesque Sust valley near Khunjarab border, and “are excited to get their names registered in the world record books”.

Last year, the event was held at an altitude of 11,300 feet (3,444 meters) above the sea-level at Naltar valley of Gilgit region. The event is aimed at promoting the country’s tourism and a soft image in the world, the statement concluded.

Data of roads and buildings has been sought from Punjab Urban Unit and highway authorities 

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