Rihanna fans change Chris Brown’s occupation from singer to lamp

In a recent Instagram post, Rihanna uploaded a picture of herself in her lingerie, on the bed with a lamp that provided aesthetically appealing shadows to her surroundings.

However, it was not Rihanna who gained everyone’s attention in the post, regardless of her utterly alluring appearance. In fact, it was her ex-boyfriend, the renowned Chris Brown, who commented on that post attempting to flirt with her while wanting to be her ‘lamp’.

Chris Brown - Rihanna's lamp

His comment received severe backlash from all the Rihanna fans who witnessed the downfall of their relationship, acknowledging all the bane he inflicted in her life.

The fans not only bashed him on the post, but also took to twitter to call out his immoral behaviour then, and his audacity as of now. They also went as far as making memes on his comment and changing his occupation on a Wikipedia picture, from singer to lamp.

Where one user called out his audacity to direct any explicit intentions towards her, she also reiterated his toxic behavior which landed her in the hospital when they were together.

The audacity of Chris Brown to thirst over Rihanna’s new post when mentally and physically abused her for years, got her landed up in the hospital times and almost murdered her. This piece of shit has absolutely no shame. pic.twitter.com/4MsYqUKgzE

— ً (@MonaDarlingx) September 20, 2019

Another user remarked the incident with a ‘disappointing’ meme.

Chris brown: “I wanna be the lamp”

Rihanna: pic.twitter.com/ZMShfBRI8n

— im not gay, im straight (@jr0dxx) September 20, 2019

While another user called him a ‘freak’ for trying to hit on her again.

Chris Brown commenting below Rihanna’s posts is so disturbing. Leave her alone you freak.

— Isabella (@2019thoughts) September 20, 2019

This user, simply made Brown’s wishes come true, by replacing the lamp in the picture with his face.

Chris Brown via InstaStories about the comments under Rihanna's recent pic: '' pic.twitter.com/EJSfosjy6C

— Breezy Promotion (@PromotionBreezy) September 20, 2019

Joaquin Phoenix might need some lessons on how clowns are really made after this post.  Since the user threw such a bad shade on him, his left over ‘reputation’ might be irrecoverable.

Chris Brown preparing to go to Rihanna's comments on IG. pic.twitter.com/aCm6dc29Oa

— Limo. (@Limo_alan) September 21, 2019

While this user also brought the ‘lamp back to light’ by giving Brown what he wanted.

Chris Brown in Rihanna’s comments: I wanna be the lamp
Chris Brown as the lamp: pic.twitter.com/p6h85lT5ev

— oc (@overclapped) September 20, 2019

At the end of which, this right here, left no room for further questions.

L.A.M.P ( lit always, most popular)

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