PM Imran rules out meeting Modi, expresses fear of massacre in occupied Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled out meeting with India’s right-wing premier Narendra Modi after New Delhi’s illegal actions in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

“There is no question of me meeting Indian Prime Minister Modi of what he has done in Kashmir. This is only a mindset which believes in Hindu superiority, which does not believe that other human beings are the minorities, other religions are equal citizens. Only that mindset could have done this. I mean, how could anyone do this to other human beings?” asked the premier during an interview with US broadcaster CNN.

Act before it’s too late, PM tells world

On August 5, India revoked occupied Kashmir’s autonomy, dividing the disputed territory into two regions to be controlled by New Delhi. A draconian lockdown was imposed in the region and all communications were cut. A strict curfew – soon to enter its third month – is in place in the occupied valley. Reports have emerged of mass illegal detentions and torture.

The prime minister elaborated that Modi represents the fascist RSS ideology. “This ideology of racial superiority was also responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi who was considered soft on Muslims. This extremism has taken over India.”

Lamenting that global powers have yet to react in an appropriate manner, the premier warned of a massacre once the curfew imposed by a 900,000-strong occupying garrison is lifted.

“The moment, the curfew is lifted [in IOK], there are 900,000 Indian troops there and I fear a massacre,” the premier told the US broadcaster.

He added that Islamabad has apprised almost all top leaders of the world of the precarious situation.

“A lot of leaders did not realise this but I think, even the ones who realise look upon India as a market for 1.2 billion people and trade and so on. And this is the sad thing. Material welath over humans.”

Referring to US President Donald Trump, PM Imran said he heads the world’s most powerful country and is in an ideal situation to play a positive role in regards to the situation in the occupied valley.

“Modi does not want international mediation as he knows the moment this issue becomes internationalised, the world will understand that the Kashmiris are fighting for the right to self-determination and are subjected to worst human rights abuses by Indian forces.”

Flashpoint Kashmir

Expressing hope, the prime minister further said that the world would move on the Kashmir issue before it becomes a flashpoint – possibly nuclear.

Modi shies away from discussing Kashmir clampdown in UNGA

Rubbishing the Indian narrative of Kashmir’s prosperity through the stationing of hundreds of thousands of extra troops, he said there was no truth to New Delhi’s accusations that Islamabad was mobilising militants in occupied Kashmir.

“It was predictable. Why are they saying this because they want to divert the world’s attention from what is going to be a massacre.”

The prime minister said he had told the people of Pakistan that anyone going to fight in occupied Kashmir would be treated as an enemy of the country.

“This is the first time two nuclear-armed countries stand face to face,” said the PM and referring to the air skirmish between the two countries in February, he added that Pakistan shot down two Indian aircraft and returned the pilot as a gesture of goodwill.

“I also told the Indian public at that time that if the situation goes further, it will be out of hands of both prime ministers.”

The premier elaborated on how the whole election campaign of Modi was based on jingoism and war hysteria. “In six years, India has changed [under Modi] and I fear, it is going to change even more rapidly.”

‘US-Iran conflict will be a nightmare for Pakistan’

On a question regarding Iran-US tensions, he said such a conflict should not take place and it would be a nightmare for Pakistan.

“We are coming out of this very difficult situation where we had a massive current account deficit and we are just getting ourselves right. If the oil prices again shoot up [because of the US-Iran conflict], I mean not only us, this is going to affect so many countries in the world.”

He added that President Trump’s instincts were against the war. “I also spoke to Iranian President Rouhani and let’s see where the situation leads.”

Guterres reaffirms support to PM Imran on Kashmir issue

Replying to a question regarding the acceptance of IMF deal by his government, he said the incumbent government inherited the biggest current account deficit in Pakistan’s history. Had Pakistan not gone to IMF, it could have defaulted.

PM Imran insisted that Pakistan was not responsible for the US not succeeding in Afghanistan. He said Afghans always stood up against anyone invading their country.

“I just felt that the US is trying to find a military solution on Afghanistan when there never was one. Finally, sense has prevailed that now this dialogue has started, supported by Pakistan, and I feel really sad in the middle it was scuttled. But I do feel and we are trying when I spoke to President Trump, we are trying to again get the talks back on.

PM says India may stage false flag operation, rubbishes claims that terrorists from Afghanistan have entered IOK

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