Salman Khan’s former bodyguard goes on a public rampage after steroid overdose

High on steroids, actor Salman Khan’s former bodyguard created a ruckus in Moradabad on Thursday, reported National Herald India. Anaz Qureshi, the former bodyguard had to be overpowered using ropes and a fishing net before he could be taken into custody by the police.

UP: Anas Qureshi, a former bodyguard of actor #SalmanKhan , was taken into police custody after he created a ruckus on a busy road in Moradabad. Qureshi had consumed an overdose of steroids and lost his mind due to the side-effects of the drug.

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On Thursday, local residents were shocked and frightened to see a bare-chested Qureshi roughing up pedestrians and hurling bricks at the vehicles. He later got hold of an iron rod and vandalised several cars parked on the stretch.

A video of the incident, which went viral, showed hundreds of people, along with local police and a fire brigade team, trying to get hold of the bodybuilder.

Twitter users have also started bombarding on the video thread, calling the incident an evident lack of Indian police training.

Indian Police seem to have skipped training on,

1. De-Escalation
2. Forming a perimeter
3. Strategy
4. Crowd control
5. Use of handcuffs, or other form of restraints

Of course considering this was the UP Police, they are always working with a few cards short of a full deck.

— Sir ಶ್ರೀ श्री ஸ்ரீ Gandhi (@Rook182) September 26, 2019

The Police reports, on the other hand, claimed that Qureshi had consumed excessive steroids and lost his mind as a side-effect. He was taken to the district hospital from where he was referred to Bareilly Mental Hospital.

According to his neighbours, Qureshi, who works as a bouncer in Mumbai, used to serve as part of Salman’s private security until around two years ago. He is currently deployed in the security of a minister in Maharashtra.


Qureshi had arrived in his hometown only 10 days ago. Two days ago, he had participated in the Mr Moradabad championship and was declared the first runner-up. According to the police, he was a bit upset after losing the bodybuilding title and took an overdose of steroids before going to the gym on Wednesday evening.

Circle Officer Rajesh Kumar said, “After completing his power lifting sessions at the gym, he came home and went to the bed after dinner. On Thursday morning, when he woke up, he had lost his mind due to the drug’s side-effect. Within a few minutes, he ran out of his house and had shattered glasses of the cars parked there.”

Station House Officer Gajendra Singh said Qureshi was named in a rape case in 2017. “He was arrested and sent to jail after one of his relatives’ alleged rape. He later got bail,” he said.

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