Instagram users finally get dark mode feature

After popular demand, Instagram is set to launch its dark mode feature. At present, the feature is available only for some users that have an updated version of the app.

Dark mode is a beloved feature that has really made the rounds in recent months, so I’m ecstatic to learn that Instagram is testing a dark mode!

— 💅🏾 (@DanyelleRCarter) September 25, 2019

iOS 13 and Android 10 users can switch on a system-wide dark mode which makes the background black, however, each app needs to make sure they have the dark mode feature otherwise the app will just look like the way it did.

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Instagram lagged this feature which meant that users may have a dark phone setting on but as soon as they used the app they would be hit with a stark screen light which would be quite painful especially during late-night scrolling.

Users took to Twitter requesting to have the dark mode feature added to the app and finally the social media giant has begun testing it.

For now, only some people will have access to a dark mode feature that will automatically be turned on if the phone settings have been set up.


opening instagram in ios 13 dark mode

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The dark mode option doesn’t change the design layout which means the colors of the app and photographs will appear the same; the dark mode feature will replace the bright white that is usually behind posts and stories to a much darker color.

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In order to avail the feature users need to have the latest version of iOS and Android as well as the updated version of Instagram on their phones along with the dark mode option selected from the settings.

This article originally appeared on The Independent.

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