Mani jokes about his 'first' marriage in an interview

In a recent episode of Gupshup with Shaista Lodhi, Salman Saqib Sheikh, popularly known as Mani, talked about his personal life and his role as a son, son in law and father. In the verge of which, he opened up about a secret that shocked that shocked the viewers, but later turned out to be a ‘joke’.

During the show, Lodhi questioned about the actor’s first marriage, and how his ‘current’ wife found out about it. In response to which, Mani spoke without hesitation saying, “I had been married for 12 years before Hira, and I had a son named ‘Nayyer,’ It’s a pretty old school name now. However, one day my first wife came to our doorstep, asking me for money for our son. Hira found out and to my surprise, she said she is willing to accept Nayyer as her own. I couldn’t believe how big of a heart she had.”


Mani further added that the event was not reported at the time because there were no bloggers and the paparazzi was not as active. However, after disclosing these unbelievable turn of events and making them believable, Mani concluded by saying that he was joking, and laughed at his convincingly serious attitude.

Mani had also subtly expressed his dissatisfaction with the current age bloggers, who report without verification, and it seems the joke was an attempt to prove that.

However, the fact that he himself continued to address the instance on his Instagram page with a post from another source, made things quite confusing for his fans and have prompted rumours on social media.

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He added no clarifications and simply attached the Youtube link to the interview for the viewers to see for themselves, however, it seems that many did not.

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