‘Fill playgrounds to drive youth away from drugs’

LAHORE: Special Advisor to Chief Minister of Punjab on Sports and Youth Affairs, Malik Umar Farooq, feels sporting activities can help drive the youth away from drugs.

Farooq was full of praise for the Punjab police for latter’s effective strategy to eradicate the menace of drugs from educational institutions.

“It is the priority of the current government to promote healthy activities,” said Farooq.  “The youth of the country should be directed towards sports and we are willing to provide them everything they need for that.”

He continued: “For this purpose, across the province (Punjab), we are going to build state of the art gymnasiums and sports complexes, for which a big amount has been dedicated from the budget.”

Farooq also said that youngsters are the assets of Pakistan and they are the future of the country. “It is the combined and important job of teachers, parents and the society to keep the youth away from menace of drugs.”

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Original news : https://tribune.com.pk/story/2068851/7-fill-playgrounds-drive-youth-away-drugs/