At least 17 killed, several injured in Morocco bus crash

RABAT: A bus crash in northern Morocco killed 17 people as the vehicle overturned, the health ministry said on Monday, in the second such accident in North Africa the same day.

The bus crashed on Sunday near Taza, a town between the Rif and Atlas mountains, local authorities said, with the cause of the accident unclear.

The ministry told AFP the death toll had risen to 17, while 36 others were injured.

An investigation was opened into the accident at Taza, 120 kilometres east of Fez, authorities said.

Public television 2M tweeted a photograph of the bus’s interior reduced to a mass of metal.

#Accident #Maroc
Renversement d’un autocar au niveau de la commune Bab Marzouka (province de #Taza): 17 morts et 33 blessés, toujours placés sous surveillance médicale , selon un nouveau bilan communiqué à

— (@2MInteractive) December 2, 2019

ارتفاع حصيلة حادث " باب مرزوقة" الاليم (تازة) : وفاة 17 شخصا وإصابة 33 آخرين بجروح متفاوتة الخطورة جراء انقلاب حافلة لنقل الركاب.

— (@2MInteractive) December 2, 2019

Elsewhere in North Africa, a bus crash in Tunisia also Sunday killed at least 26 people as the vehicle plunged into a ravine in the mountainous northwest.

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Nearly 3,500 people die each year in road accidents in Morocco, a country of 35 million people.

The government has launched several road safety campaigns, particularly in the wake of the kingdom’s worst ever bus accident which left 42 dead in 2012.

A National Road Safety Strategy aims to halve the number of accidents in Morocco by 2026.

Amnesty International described it as a "devastating blow for women's rights in Morocco"

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