Barkhan incident: CM Bizenjo says impartial inquiry to be ensured

Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo expressed satisfaction over the safe recovery of the kidnapped family of Khan Muhammad Marri, saying that all the facts and motives of the tragic event will come to the fore soon. 

The tragic incident came to media light after bodies of Marri's family members were found in a well in Barkhan. Marri said that Balochistan Minister for Construction and Communications Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran was behind the killing. He also said that Khetran kept other members of his family in a private jail.

The horrendous incident of three murders took place days after a video of a woman [Marri's wife, Giran Naz] with the Holy Quran in her hands was released on social media. In the video, the woman claimed that she and her children were detained by Khetran. She pleaded with the people to get her and her children freed.

Taking action in the dark hours of February 23, the Levies personnel recovered Marri’s wife Giran Naz — who had been presumed dead — and their five children including a girl, allegedly abducted by Khetran. The operation was conducted in light of Khan Muhammad's allegations.

During the search operations, Naz along with her children Farzana, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Ghaffar, Imran, and Abdul Sattar were recovered, the Levies officials said.

Issuing his statement over the sad incident in Barkhan, the chief minister said that every possible action would be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Bizenjo said that there was a deep concern about the safety of kidnapped children among the people and the government which came to an end after the abducted family was recovered.

The CM also acknowledged the efforts of the law-enforcers in recovering the family. He also said the police are diligently conducting an impartial investigation into the Barkhan incident. The provincial government and its institutions are neither under duress from any quarters in connection with the investigation nor will any pressure be tolerated, he asserted.

CM Bizenjo reiterated his commitment to ensuring an impartial investigation of the incident, expressing his conviction that the motives behind the incident will be revealed soon.

He also assured the people that no effort would be spared to bring those responsible for the incident to book.

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