Beware Karachiites, extremely hot weather expected this summer

KARACHI: The summer season in Karachi could be extremely hot this year as the temperatures in the ongoing month of February are above normal, weather expert Jawad Memon told Geo News Saturday.

He said that the rising temperature in February indicated extremely hot weather in the coming days.

The expert said that the western and north-western winds may hit Karachi as the western system of winds is likely to affect upper Pakistan tomorrow (Sunday).

While forecasting a rise in the city's temperature from Sunday, Memon said that mercury may shoot up to 32-34 degrees Celsius during the day. However, the weather may remain moderate at night due to sea winds blowing in the city.

At night, the temperature may be recorded at 18-20°C, he added.

Pakistan has been witnessing an unusual rise in temperatures, causing longer and more intense summers and heavy rains due to global warming.

Last year, the country was devastated by catastrophic floods following monster monsoons.

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